Silverwood Cars Limited

Silverwood Cars Limited
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About Us

Concealed in a green pocket off the busy Felling Bypass, Silverwood hosts an exquisite mix of well preserved, unique and rare classics, stirring passionate nostalgia, oozing style and sophistication.

The site occupies an area that is steeped with heritage, recognised as the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the Northeast of England.

Felling Shore and its surrounding wards utilised the banks of the Tyne as a place of transport and commerce for coal, glass and other locally produced goods.

Our building owes its origins to the local English Tea supplier ‘Ringtons Tea’ – serving as their main depot from the 1960s to the end of the last century.

Boasting a symmetrical design language in terms of the buildings composition with exposed structural elements such as the concrete buttresses that flank the external walls, as well as the linear succession of steel lintels occupying the internal canopy.

Our Mid-Century renovated ‘Tea Depot’ is home to a collection of unusual and highly sought-after vehicles, which live in a sublime partnership with some of the most iconic and striking poster art from the 20th Century. Heritage is paramount. Our cars are procured with only the highest quality and provenance.

Silverwood is passionate about matching your motoring desires to our intimate collection of refined classics. We believe that your car is a part of who you are; every move to the future should be taken with a nod to the past; and the way back, may well be the way forward.

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