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Here is a selection of petrol driven short films and clips that we have enjoyed in the past, and we hope you like them too!

These are not our own videos and are simply sourced and embedded from Youtube however we at Silverwood Cars Limited, would like to say thank you to the videos' original creators.

Magnus Walker’s 1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GT: The Unloved Outlaw
August 2018

Magnus Walker is more than just a well-known figure in the air-cooled Porsche world, but it would be wrong to assume that’s all he’s interested in. So rather than joining him for yet another jaunt in a naturally aspirated rear-engined machine, this week we’re focusing on a 1980 924 Carrera GT. One of just 406 produced, Magnus has added his own stylistic touches to this box-flared beast, which he describes as a unique but similar driving experience when compared to the 911 platform. It still lives up to the badge on the hood though, and he explains the challenges and rewards therein as we take to the elevated Angeles Crest Highway above the city.

1994 Audi RS2: Strap Into The Snow Wagon
August 2018

Like last week’s installment in our Made to Drive series, we are back in France, only this time at much higher elevation as we power slide through the snowy roads of the Courchevel ski resort perched high in the Alps. With his skis affixed atop and a preference for counter-steering, Mark Birch is using his 1994 RS2 exactly as intended. Sure-footed Quattro paired with a classic Audi turbo five under the hood is a recipe for the ultimate snow day as far as we’re concerned, and though it never received any motorsport attention, it sure does a good job of aping its WRC relatives as it carves sideways ruts into the churned-up powder behind it.

The Porsche from the Winter of 53
May 2014

Jeff Zwart, film director and Pikes Peak Hill Climb Champion takes his 1953 Porsche 356 Pre A out for a winter's drive. Shot on location in Aspen, Colorado.

October 2016

AirMapp & Serial Kombi present "RESURRECTION", a short movie about the found and the rescue of my 1955 panelvan.

Driving Magnus Walker's bespoke Porsche 911
January 2017

We unleash the Urban Outlaw and takes Magnus Walker's latest custom build, a 993-engined Porsche 964, for a drive.

This 1972 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe Is A Stylish Member Of The Family
January 2017

Tom McComas Senior is a simple man with only a few indulgences: family, friends, and BMWs.

This BMW R60 Never Rides Alone
July 2016

"This bike is about history, it's about my dad... it's about what started a life-long passion for motorcycles, it's what launched a career," Tom McComas, "...and it's why I'm a Hollywood stunt man."

Ferrari 312PB
November 2013

Amazing working model, fully working engine and box.

Urban Outlaw - Rebel Porsche Customizer
June 2013

A portrait of Magnus Walker, the rebel Porsche customizer who turned a hobby into an obsession, and an obsession into a successful business.

This Lancia Delta S4 Is A Ballet Of Brutality
July 2016

"It's a car enthusiast's collection, right," says John Campion.

This BMW 507 Has Been Reborn In The Memory Of Elvis Presley
October 2016

"Around 2006, I drove down to the Half Moon Bay. The car was standing for years in a barn on a pumpkin farm," begins Klaus Kutscher, Restoration Expert at BMW Classic.

The BMW R65 is Tailored With a Designer's Touch
March 2015

Milanese craftsman Franco Augello and his shop Sumisura is now renowned for creating beautifully restored and customized BMW motorcycles, but the story really starts when Augello was just six years old.

The Porsche 911 Customized by Singer - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS
January 2013

To some people, mainly Porsche people, this is the most desirable car you could own. Singer comprises a bunch of zany, brilliant Porsche-files who have invested their lives in re-imagining the classic Porsche 911. We tour the factory, speak to the team and drive it on road and track.

The Volkswagen Scirocco Rekindles A Forgotten Fury
April 2015

You could say that Jason Cammisa knows cars. With a day job at Road & Track, he has full access to the world's best vehicles - but still comes back to his humble Volkswagen Scirocco.

This 1968 Porsche 911L Was Just A Dream
June 2016

"If I have a big smile on my face," says Spike Feresten. "I know I've made a wonderful decision... and this car delivers it every time."

This BMW 2002 Is Driven Aggressively By A Car Designer
September 2015

"If I was to pick between painting and driving," says, Radu Muntean, "I'd have a hard time picking. It's like, "Which kid do you like the best, your oldest or youngest?" I love them both."