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Vehicle Features

Performance & Engine

  • Engine Size 3300cc

Cost & Efficiency

  • Road Tax (12 Months) £270.00

Weights & Measures

  • Number of Seats 4


  • No Data Available

Extra Information

Silverwood have the absolute pleasure in offering this phenomenal Porsche 911 3.3 Turbo.

Registered new in the UK on the 1st of January 1986 by Lambs of Chesterfield and supplied to a mature local and loyal Porsche customer. This car has led quite the pampered and cared for life.


Grand Prix White

Black Sports Leather Seats

Air Conditioning (just refreshed and is the only air cooled 911 i have been in that i can genuinely say is ice cold)

Electric Seat Adjust

Heated Seats

Electric Sunroof

4 Speed Manual Gearbox

All original manuals are present in the red wallet.

It is quite a rare model to start with and to find one with this mileage, it really is quite a special discovery.

Within the history file there is a covering letter from the second owner who explains exactly how he bought the car directly from the original owner and was introduced to him by the suppling dealer (Lambs). Mr P who purchased the car in 1987 and kept the car until September 2004, the letter goes on to explain how he let the car go to a MR C who owned a specialist car dealership who subsequentley did a deal with Mr H who kept the car for 15 years and we subsequently acquired the car from.

To say it is very good would be an incredible understatement, lets start of by saying it still smells new inside and the wheels have never been refurbished. All rubbers, lights and glass are still bright and correct and have not suffered fading or drying out. The Grand Prix white coachwork enjoys a deep and uniform shine.

History File....

An in depth file has extensive displays 11 services in 10 ten thousand miles with additional re-comissioning invoices when the car has been released from storage. On the subject of storage this is also detailed in the covering letter that accompanies the car.
We entrusted well respected Porsche specialists QSP of Durham with carrying out a major service and air conditioning overhaul prior to sale and they reported back just how impressive the car was underneath as well as on top

Behind The Wheel...

What a place to be ! the car behaves just like you hope it would and feels tight and precise in all its operations, and yes all the stories are true so be respectful with your throttle imputs and the car rewards you with a huge grin and even bigger whooosh as you propel yourself forward into the distance.

So what does the 80's 911 Turbo mean to you ? well to us it was the poster car we all drooled over and it felt incredibly exotic and special, it was the car that was always associated with yuppies and the financial boom of the 80's, it also enjoyed a few cameos in Miami Vice and the Porsche aficionado film of choice No Mans Land starring Charlie Sheen before he shot to fame in the Oliver Stone film Wall Street, Charlie talks to Darryl Hannah about the most successful guy he knows " he drives a Porsche 911 Turbo" says Charlies character the young Bud Fox.

Turbo today !...

As an icon and perceived peak of Porsche engineering the 930 is not only a usable and enjoyable piece of motoring art but it should also enjoy gains in value based on current market trends.

Price ? Is it a sensible place to have your money ? well there is a similar car on the market at a London classic car dealer in Highgate for 200,000 which should be reassuring for the next lucky owner of this one !

Should you drive it? well it has crossed ten thousand miles so no need to be frightened of putting some gentle miles on it without hurting its value or integrity.

If you would like to discuss the finer points of acquiring this 911 Turbo then please speak with Adam on 01914472070 or 07724163883

Video of this Porsche